Just favorited PPU MIX - PART I by Fred & J on Mixcloud

Reggie Dokes - Perceptions

Perfect house music for rainy summer nights n’ sleep induction experiments.

Listen/purchase: Why Do U Feel by KENNY DIXON JR

Just too good. Sweet ‘n’ Sour. Empty Souls 2014.

Listen/purchase: Strawberry Juice by DJ HILTI

Missed this the first time round early 2011.

B.Yrslf Division’s a nice label

Sly-One & Buggsy - Beat Go --wAV dl Rattraps - U4EA (Palace Remix) --320k mp3 dl The Antti Jädertpolm Quartet - Anime Overture --320k mp3 dl

Batch of great music - 27th of May 2014.

Two tunes for the club, then ambient-like sublime soundscape with some faint drums.

Listen/download: Colours by Dauss

Really nice atmospherics. Float. It’s a free download.

DJ Spider & Marshallito - Full Spectrum Dominance -320k mp3 dl Salvatore Nuccio - Hypnotic Zumba --320k mp3 dl Holly Herndon - Chorus (Happa Mix) --wav dl

Batch of great music - 9th of May 2014.

Techno techno techno and it’s deep.

Ruff Sqwad - R U Double F



Hans Peter Kuhn - Pier Project. 1997, New York.
Check some:

Hans Peter Kuhn - Pier Project. 1997, New York.

Check some:

Shanks & Bigfoot - Sweet Like Chocolate

So needs the video to go along. (Full length “Shanks & Bigfoot Original Mix” here: 90s UK Garage.

- To my ears this = definitely sweet’n’sour even though it admittely really is quite uplifting, sugary, crush-on-you, and cheesy even.

Lifelong obsessions.

Handclaps and tears.

Vangelis - Abraham’s Theme (1981).

But never stagnate.

Nobody - Beaches (feat. Nocando & Baths) --320k mp3 dl Astronautica - Cruise --320k mp3 dl Eomac - #132 --320k mp3 dl

Batch of great music - 7th of February 2014.

Deep rap. Deep instrumental beats stuff. Deep techno breaking that 4x4 grid.

Coldcut feat. Robert Owens - Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

Empty souls 2014.